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Aluminum Alloy Forging Parts for Bicycles, Motorcycles etc

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Forgetec was established in Nan Gang Industrial Park in Nantou City 1994, it focused on producing aluminum alloy forging parts for bicycles by only 2 units of 500 forging machines.

Due to the Forgetec's insistency on quality, we won the trust of clients. It laid a good foundation for company expansion. In 1996 Forgetec branched out into the fields of OEM parts for motorcycle, automobile, firefighting, sport ware, electronic, and gardening.

In the course of Forgetec's growth, the market of aluminum alloy parts changed. People starts to have much higher expectation on lightweight parts, therefore large AI alloy parts started to selec fromsteel parts.

Forgetec understands the trend of needs of the markets. Since we R&D continuously, Forgetec started expanding our producing lines. For large parts we added 1200 ton machine and more 600 ton units, now we have 7 produce lines.

In 2000, to upgrade Forgetec's production management, we purchased complete range of modern QC devices, an... [more]
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